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Selection process

Selection process

TEDxWoking 2022 will take place on Thursday 10 November.

Applicants must be available on this date, between 12 noon and 5pm, to deliver their talk to the live audience and live-streaming audience, and the recording of the event for TED.

If you are successful in making the longlist of speakers, you are also required to attend a compulsory audition on Thursday 7 July and a compulsory rehearsal on Thursday 6 October.

If applicants are unable to commit to all three dates – audition, rehearsal and event – then they should not apply for TEDxWoking.

Applicants must apply via the TEDxWoking Speaker Application e-form with a brief synopsis of their proposed talk idea (c.100 words), biography (c.40 words) and self-portrait photo (high resolution jpg) by the deadline of 9am on Monday 20 June 2022.

The TEDxWoking steering group will review the applications and longlist up to 12, by applying the criteria stated below.

The specific selection and evaluation criteria used by the steering group for accepting or rejecting speakers for TEDxWoking, are as follows (in no particular order):

  • Locality - is the speaker local to Woking Borough I.e. do they live or work in Woking Borough or a neighbouring borough, or have a strong Woking connection such as a business based here, or are they an active member of a local business organisation.

The aim is to have the majority of speakers from or clearly connected to the Woking area, I.e. 50% or more of speakers on the final programme, before looking further afield for speakers. However, this aim is dependent upon sourcing proficient speakers with quality 'on theme' talks.

  • Topic - is the proposed talk idea directly connected to this year's theme? By theme we mean the dictionary definition.
  • TED rules - will our overall selection of talks and speakers comply with the rules for TEDx speaker and its content guidelines?
  • Diversity of programme - will our range of speakers, and the videos we select to play alongside them, provide a wide range of interesting themes across a multidisciplinary base?

The programme should also reflect Woking’s wide range of cultural backgrounds, in order to connect with as global an audience as possible.

Longlisted applicants will hear if they have been successful in making it to the audition stage several weeks before the audition. If you are longlisted, please use this time to develop your idea into a talk lasting for up to 18 minutes absolute maximum. Applicants who do not hear from the steering group by Friday 24 June will not have been successful on this occasion.

Applicants who are not successful in making the longlist will be rejected either for not meeting the criteria above, or on the following grounds:

  • Duplication of theme (i.e. already covered by another speaker on the shortlist)
  • Failure to adhere to the theme closely enough within their application.

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